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300 systematically structured and carefully programmed literacy lessons designed to teach the essential skills of reading, writing and spelling to all people from age 7 to adult.

Teach reading, writing & spelling to children, adults, & SEN students using a proven phonics programme.
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Welcome to ATTACK | A Reading and Spelling Teaching Aid


ATTACKread/spell™ is a systematically structured and carefully programmed teaching aid designed to teach the basic skills of reading and spelling to all people from 7 years old to adult.

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 300 carefully structured lessons
 Helps spelling, writing, reading
 No lesson preparation required
 Phonics and visual learning
 No specialist equipment needed
 Ideal for home tuition & TA's
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Why from 7 years?
As an experienced teacher, I contend that children should not be 'taught to read and spell' in the early years. Instead they should hear stories read from a real book, by a real person, at least once every day. Reading should be enjoyable and they should live the whole story, enjoy the magic, feel the fear and experience the sadness and joy. They should see the whole words on the page and, indeed, some children may be 'reading' some of these whole words long before they are seven.

If all Nursery and Infant Schools were to offer their young pupils the opportunity to learn about their environment through play via their senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight: if they were encouraged to explore their world and enjoy free imaginative play and activities: if a developmental movement programme such as Brian Gym® were to be used every day for all children then by 7 years old most of them would have a firm foundation for future academic success.

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I have never seen research proving that very early readers and spellers achieve, significantly, more in later years. Conversely, we can all quote the names of highly successful people who were 'late readers' and 'poor spellers'.

By the age of 7 years, providing that they have been read to frequently, they should be ready for a more analytical, phonic approach to reading and spelling. Hence the value of 'ATTACK'.

Jean Richards

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